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Daniel has shared his photos of  Mado and Meghan’s Fullness Retreat here on the farm.  Fun Food Friends, good yoga.



yoga early in the morning while the sun crested the ridge and began the day

singing saturday night, chanting, dancing, and food from the gardens prepared by many hands helping emma in the kitchen

when the retreat started we didn’t know each other well, through the coming together on a sticky mat we gave voice to a circle of seekers open to the possibilities.  If Space is held open to the possiblities,  the universe shows up!  We can stand as witness to moment along side the cows, pigs roosters, sun moon and song in the night, and thunder on the mountains all talking with us as we sing ourselves out.

We carry within us now a grain of  that positive gift, of just that simple mind change, to know you can hold the possibilities open every day, and, that the universe will show up.    all boats rise.

mado and meghan held the balance asking us to step into grace and express fully into each move and to feel your neighbor’s support in doing the same.  the birds aang the cow blessed us with moos, and  the piggies snorted from their pasture view.  the shade of tent gave rise to breezes up drafting a dance with the sun.warm wonderful feelings of all of this.

please come again.


There is a new moon on Monday/Tuesday, a new cycle begins again and with that for me one part of summer is released so the more internal expansion might begin more so. Summer solstice as a peak of year is what I find in many ways, and the rest of the seasons of the cycle hold a support place to solstice.  First  just the glow of summer, and then stabilizing the thrust of the year, maybe comes the digest of the year and recognizing the fruit of this year’s growing time, another ring of growth like on a tree  I find it hard to pull new things into the world more after solstice.  Filling the cup is the message I hear that now and look to prepare and seed another beginning, next cycle, next year. So for me, the garden is stable, and a clear month for metal smithing and making,, the other hat I wear.  Thank you people for a ravishing mid summer’s night.  On to the tower,  the life guard’s station, my shop, away from phone and computer. Metal and myself and my horses.  Room to stretch right there.  Others will blog Enjoy!!

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