Weekend update

Lots of activity on the farm … Dory’s finally getting free space to spend some time in her jewelry shop and has been working on a new pendant with the Sanskrit symbol for HU.

HU is the root word for “God” and is part of the word “human” — the “man” portion of which means “mind”; so, “hu-man” is god-conscious or god-minded. Meditation practices of Eastern mystics often incorporate the singing of HU as it is thought of as the sound of the divine that permeates creation.

Dory’s daughter, Vanessa, came out Saturday to put together some printed pieces … one was to accompany the HU pendants. The other piece was a brochure about the farm. Dory will debut the HU pendants at an Anusara Yoga event next weekend and will have the brochures there as well.

Dory’s son, Raphael, and his girlfriend, Betsy, were also out on the farm this weekend. Betsy spent some time soldering in the jewelry shop while Raphael used his trackhoe to dig out what is to be a rootcellar and cidar storage area. His father, John, used neighbor Alvin’s large truck to haul away the excavated dirt. This will be the sublevel under what is to be Dory & John’s apartment next to the main house. The idea is that the main house will eventually become shared space for community, events, and business.

Sunday was another day of people. Dory’s friend Veronica came out for a visit before she dives back into nursing school. Then our neighbor up the hill — Carolyn (yes, we have two neighbors named Carolyn … one up the road and one down) along with her sister and a bunch of kids — stopped by to meet our colt, Bob, and all the other four-leggeds. Nice people!


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