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Wow, there are some pretty neat places to camp or hold a retreat in the Madison County area. Spent a couple hours online researching what going rates and amenities are. Good news is there isn’t a place in our neck of the woods offering what we do/will offer; though not having a comparison-point in the area does make it a bit more challenging to decide what our rate schedule will be.

Will be heading out to the farm tomorrow with my friend Tina. She may be helping out a bit here and there. Need to explore the possibilities as well as her level of interest a bit more. She’s self-employed as a house-painter and, with the economy down, she’s interested in picking up occasional side work to fill in for painting jobs being scare. Plus, she has interest in herbs, especially bee- and butterfly-attracting ones. Since Lady installed some hives out on the farm recently, with more coming later, there’s definitely a bee tie-in for Tina if she chooses.

There’s an opportunity at the Iron Horse shop in Hot Springs to sell produce there. Would probably need to be more than just our farm supplying it, more of a cooperative thing. Dory’s thinking she could provide a fridge for the location. Sunny, the shop proprietor, is VERY interested in having produce in her store. Currently, there isn’t a source for fresh produce anywhere in Hot Springs. Hope to meet with Sunny tomorrow on my way back home from the farm.

Would be great for hikers and others in Hot Springs to be able to get more of their needs met at home rather than wasting time and gas to shop elsewhere.

Friday, Dory’s having a class of students come out to the farm to learn about Sacred Geometry. Hope to have some pictures and more details to share after the class.


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