The plants are growing like crazy out on the farm … beautiful Swiss Chard, delish Rhubarb, tender sweet lettuce, and on and on. Green and beautiful and lush everywhere. Prepared some space for sunflowers on Thursday and planted various flowers above the new wall, next to the spiral, on Friday along with a bit o’ weeding in the upper garden.

A friend from high school, Tina, whom I reconnected with last year, came with on Friday, and she may be getting involved at Sunswept too. She’s been looking to get into intentional, farm-based community for a while and has lots of useful skills like light carpentry, basic electrical … she’s a house painter by trade, and would like to learn about the farm end of things too.

Silly me, I wore my hair up both days — first time in a few years my hair’s been long enough to wear up, and the back of my neck that hasn’t seen the sun in so long is now quite toasted. Rest of me is fine, I’m not fair skinned, but oof, my neck!

Looks like several of us connected to Sunswept are applying to go to Terra Madre conference in Torino, Italy this fall.

Sounds fabulous! Would be really great to learn from and share with other small, organic food communities from around the world, and all the more so for location — Italy being such a foodie place. The event next door to Terra Madre, Salone de Gusto, described as the “largest artisanal food marketplace,” pushes the whole thing over the top of “oh, wow!”

There’s an application to be accepted to take part and may be a while before we hear if we are accepted, but in the meantime, it will be fun to dream!!


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