spring visit

hi as we all know i take my farm love very seriously, enough that my last visit was in January, yes i could have gone somewhere warm but its warm in my heart whenever i step to the farm beat of sunswept and my family of humans, animals, plants and our devic watchers. In January i needed a project other than hot tubbing and cooking so I elected myself to muck out the entire edges of the beloved pond, home to the fishies, salamanders, crayfish, frogs, and whatever else is there: for many years the pond has been losing out to encroaching grasses, brambles and a monster forsythia.  I took back about a foot around carefully detaching the creatures and WOW when I returned this spring saw the clarity of water and movement of light for the fish and was happy and found the pond inviting and thank full for the work i devoted to it.

This April 11-18th was a delightful visit with my daughter lalasa son in law brent and gran babe penelope.  I hit the ground running, flurried up to my cabin above the farm vehicle terrace glad to spring clean it and make it again a place of solace and rest.  I am always grateful as i sleep in the loft to hear the water in the creek all night and to see the stars which were in abundance all week due to new moon phase.  My elected projects were to assist beginning lower garden turning and weeding, spreading lime, then when others arrived i hopped up to upper hoop terrace to complete the reclamation of 4 beds 3 for garden and one for honey bees.  Dory and I loaded some heavy trash that was left from the destruction of winter storms (hoop hut collapse) then limed the beds spread green sand and rock phosphate.

Dory and I laid the landscape paper and John dumped the mulch to have the bed ready for bees.  Lady came and Raphe and Dory carefully shifted the hives to their new home.

My next trajectory was to create shade for the shitake logs, as the hemlocks have receded, and Dory laid some hose to give them adequate water this is and experiment and hopefully will assist in some abundant mushroom making!

Then up to lower garden again to spread fertilize on all beds last step to seed planting.  My in service cooking was also wonderful, we had Cod fish smothered in ramps and shitakes, wonderful carrots and lettuce from the garden wild branch lettuce, some other cooked wild green raphael and betsy picked, asian slaw lasa made.  A very fun meal was the one we cooked for our mexican compadres who are creating the mayan temple outside (my version) and we made fabulous pork (farm raised) smothered in betsys tomatoe sauce from last summer baked according to Raphaels instructions, beans with a spicy sausage sauce, over rice, and lasa most incredible pesto quesadillas, some full moon salsa that i had canned awhile back and betsy and raphaels chocolate chip cookies for dessert WHAT A FAB FEAST!!!! LOTS OF FUN! I was honored to cook for all and enjoyed every moment.

It was great to have us all work so well together our board meeting was a catalyst for ideas, good work ethic, and focus on inner and outer goals and it my hope that we go forward having some advisory members join us for direction, clarity and support as we expand with ourselves, the land, and community.

My family experience was filled with growth and joy and it is my intention to continue to include my family as much as possible in future farm life.

My next visit is planned to support the june events. God Bless it ALL!!


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