solstice sun, the ridge rider

as the sun light rides the southern back ridge of the farm, the light shines into my eyes and through my family cranberry glass set in the south window for just these days, brightening my heart and reminding me of my ancestors and their love of me as one of the strong foundations that i come from. no origin is without some person puzzle to define and answer.  all our personal meanings in life are unique, and, yet some how the journey is archetypal in the process and the geometry of the journey, we each fill the vessel of self knowledge with our own personal walk on this life journey.  i am so in the presence of that kind of thinking at this time of the year.  the snows and the enduring cold of the early weeks of december puts all that happens here onto a survival mode.  the weather caught us, without reasonable firewood to heat our house, our only heat option.  our tractor has been busted and in the almost fixed place for a few weeks. we the geezers needs tractor power these days.  it is kind of nice to feel small and vulnerable, and know that it is through grace that all transpires.  no matter how well you sustain, you are on the wings of the moment to provide the floor of any individual stance.  winter is your reminder of the larger picture and the divine context.  a farm keeps you in the rhythms of this.

as i wonder where my place is in this moment, and where i have any connections of myself with my own dreams, along comes a string of phone calls and the connections appear.  the federal government comes to check out our farm for our libations license just after christmas, the final step of our libations opportunities.

the work horse of the cider time

officially the farm is our business facility.  all but upstairs of this place is an offering as part of the non profit conservancy we have been establishing here.  as synchronicity would provide public friend #1 – bill whipple calls to ask to use the license for parsnip beer sweetened with sugar maple sap this spring. his vision for himself is to create libations truly local and unique.  this sure sounds like a start.  i have had parsnip beer before,, really good actually.  could i have said yes any faster?

add to this the communication with mana!!! (www. ) who was here summer solstice this year & will come again in 2011!

we will plan something this i know,


the anusara instructors of asheville (mado, meghan, joe, deirdre, and gayle, and talks w/joyful belly about the food) will celebrate community in an immersion retreat here in the summer as well.  oh boy oh boy oh boy..

we are to hear about a grant we have proposed by the end of the year.. money to continue development of libations opportunities.  also in the possibilities are a visit from our friend, peetambar, from varanasi this coming year.  peetambar came and stayed w/us for about 6 weeks in 2008 and taught yoga here, chanting and sanskrit.  and Ibrahim, who’s family founded atlantis healing center in giza by the great pyramid may come to stay for a bit as well.  his center has cold pressed essential oils for generations. his knowledge is vast on these subjects and egyptian teachings, just as peetambars are of sanskrit.  my counsel for the farm this year is to move into true sustainability here, growing our gardens for a full years sustainability.  we built a real root cellar this year, now we must remember how to use it and plan for that now.  all the dreams of a winter day….

my longest help interest other than boys, horses, & dirt, has been astrology, something i picked up in 1968 in coconut grove florida.  passionate for years to learn all i could, i found my teachers, as passion draws into existence.  as i moved out of florida and back to family in the early 1970s, i wrote for the underground newspaper, and had radio programs about the astrological moment through the university of pennsylvania’s NPR station, WXPN, and Princeton’s associate as well.  moving here to spring creek in the late 70s just kept my love of this star language more within myself, but always part of my symbolism and understanding of cosmic order, a clock of time as nature unfolds.  so here we are.  this solstice is oh so special, full of the highlighting of eternity.  a lunar eclipse visible to all the americas occurs just hours before the solstice on the 21st.  we will be able to see it as partial about 3:14am monday night/tuesday morning.  this eclipse is a “super moon”  the moon is huge in the sky closest to earth, so the tides for all of the liquid world will be high.  this is the only eclipse at solstice moment for decades to either side of this solstice.  the ancients who track such things would have know this. this is the clock striking a moment in time.

mayan torus

all this fall there has been a rare dance between venus and mars and the sun.  the mayans based their calendar on venus’ cycles and would have surely known of this waltz in our evening/now morning sky of our venus.  on august 20th, had you looked up in the sky, just after sunset you would have seen venus kind of blurred more than usual.  venus always looks kind of very bright but less “crisp” than other lights in the sky cause of all the clouds it has but that night and for a few after that, venus would have looked especially!! fuzzy, cause that night not only did venus conjunct mars,  venus has moved directly IN FRONT OF MARS that night.  that hasn’t happened for our eyes for thousands of years!  also, this particular conjunction occurred just before venus turned to move in front of the sun diving back to solar center from her highest distance.  venus moved from being an evening start  to a morning star.

mars gets into the dance between venus and the sun of this sort every 32 years, and starts a new cycle of growth.  the mayans found all of this very important to them. so did the egyptians, and our lives also show these signatures. the last few months have been about this transition and now at this eclipse venus is back where she was in early october when she began her move back toward the sun.  we are in new territory, potentially with clearer values and awareness of what is important to us.  do you not also see we have flipped out of our old personal cycles?  things are somehow by relationship, not the same.. on new ground, since the end of summer?.  these are special times.  the mayans _ who’s calendar is so in the mind of this time – would have known this as i have as i look at my ephemeris to see what is coming in the years ahead.  as venus has danced this rare dance with mars, and begun again a refreshing new cycle of patterning, this eclipse and solstice also marks an opportunity to join our conscious rational minds into the party and celebration of mind, and mind’s eye, and the power of that.  we know now consciousness is all there is really,  matter is vibration, all is that, and thought is an original point of vibration.  vote with the return of the light the solstice moment and this full moon monday night with your heart and your inner solo candle to move into the unity of the one life, bring your heart beat to the drum that entrains to the heart beat of the sun and the earth which we are the witness of both. this is the download of the time and the energetics of this eclipse and full moon/solstice signal. solstice s 6:30pm tuesday, soon after this full moon .  the mayan calendar counts down to this event.  western calendar increment of years is not accurate, it is astronomical events that time mayan time.  this is the astronomical event which governs the timing of the calendar, and the calendar of the egyptians so visually expressed at the zodiac on dendera, where we were this october.  the waking up of our left brain selves is reaching a lightning speed.  i see the glimmer of the winter sun leaving my hearth twinkling now only through the trees, and the light  running now up beasley cove’s west fang slope before lifting the day’s light up to the planes that will soon shine in the dusk sky along with the satellites and the first stars, and jupiter.  But, i am already in the long shadow of winter at just past 2pm,making my peace with my maker and my self.  hold the tension between your highest vision and dreams and the current state of self and union.  add to this recipe your devotion to the return of the light, and add what is yours really the only thing that is really yours,  your own  inner light to this combined brightness.

heart earth

don’t listen to the voice that says you can’t, or aren’t, or won’t, your too small, you don’t matter.  add no fear desperation or angst, include everyone with  open handed desire for the betterment of all, give that now, and join the galactic center in the alignment of the sun and moon at this solstice moment and full moon eve. align your heart with the heart of the galaxy, dusk monday (moonday) through dusk tuesday as a holy ground to begin again.  jump the yule fire into the new day dawn.shed your differences and find the groundswell of common ground which is always the root.

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