solar showers ahoy

frogs and flowers/ sounds and smells

we are getting some of the final touches on our farm and facilities.  a solar shower is being made ready for the farm site, especially timed for the yoga retreat mado and meghan are bringing here this weekend.  we are weed eating in all manner to make the place shine and glow.  no one can describe the aroma of this high summer moment of oriental lilies in the garden adding a fragrance enough to bowl you over.  the datura’s present their fragrance in the dark also, sultry and low based, bringing you to an out of body experience.  the frogs still sing in the paisley pond.  if it stops raining for a few days, john will finish his painting. rains are good though and we can use the slab as is.

the dogwood has claim on one of the slab corners, what about the tent tomorrow

tomorrow a tent gets put up for the retreat and for us to know whether we can make the tent work.  the slab was built to allow this wonderful dogwood tree to stand and live where it does. you see the dogwood was here first, so,,  to put up a tent is to need the air space above the slab,, the dogwood is claiming one of those corners.    ummm.  there are still blueberries, but now only a handfull here and then again there.  maybe our last fresh blueberry pie was enjoyed..  ummmm again.

season's last fresh made blueberry pie

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