Raindrops are falling on my head

The full moon arrived two early mornings ago and brought with her much action.

We welcomed a new baby cow into the world yesterday morning.  Our Jersey cow, Daisy, had a girl.  Wide-eyed and full of wonder, the new babe is waiting to be named. Pictures of her are coming soon.  Right now she  is nestled in some hay with her momma.  Both are shielded from the rain in the barn this evening.  Milking is just around the corner.  Daisy’s other cow buddies Babe and Cinco are feeling the separation from her.  Longing ‘moos’ reflect off the hills.  It’s a big, exciting change for everyone here.

The clouds opened up and sent down the rain this morning.  A good soaking has left the vegetables extra happy.  Asparagus is shooting up faster than we can consume it. Abundant lettuce in all shapes and sizes.  Tomatoes are ready to be transplanted into the almost completed hoop hut.

This past Saturday was our first market of the summer in Hot Springs.  I took down some produce and eggs and set up at Harvest Moon, hoping for success.  It was so successful, in fact, that all was gone within the first two hours or so. It was nice to meet new faces in Hot Springs.  I feel my roots beginning to grow deeper and stronger here in the past few weeks.  There is so much community opportunity in Hot Springs.  One step at a time will spread the word of Saturday markets.  I’ll be this Saturday starting at 9 til about 2.  Come down and get your farm fresh eggs and home grown produce :)

Today Dory and John racked the dandelion wine.  This is our first time making it and there is lots to learn about the whole wine making process.  If anyone has ideas and/or advice on this new path for us, please share.

This weekend we look forward to having some friends over to help us do some farm chores.  We are going to begin volunteer days more officially throughout the summer.  Let us know if any one out there is interested in visiting us and helping out around the farm.  The more the merrier!

Life is good.  Really good.

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