Once in a lifetime…

Plans for the fundraiser are really coming together.

Chef Mark has a nice outline for the food-prep and cooking schedule. We have several folks already eager to help out over the three days. Food-prep will start two days prior to the actual Sept. 18 fundraiser … well sort of, since technically you could say food prep began months ago when crops were planted, chicks and piglets were bought, etc. … so, really just the final stage of food-prep will begin Sept. 16th.

Still, more hands will be needed for the chopping, serving, and cleaning before, during, and after the event. So, if you have a heart for volunteering or just want in on what is likely a once-in-a-lifetime cooking extravaganza, we would welcome your participation!!

I say once-in-a-lifetime because it’s very rare these days for a feast of this size to be done truly from scratch, truly farm-to-table, all the way. And the centerpiece dish — Porcetta — is an old-world dish that is rather time-consuming (deboning the pig, deboning the chickens, stuffing chickens, then stuffing pig with stuffed chickens … result after 12-20 hours of slow roasting is a super succulent, boneless roast that can be sliced to reveal all of those nested layers). Because it requires a whole pig (expensive), expertise (deboning), and loads of time (slow roasting), hardly anyone does this preparation anymore. So, yes, from the foodie, culinary side of life, very once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!!

For the vegetarians, there will be loads of non-meat dishes and loads of produce prep. We could also use some fresh apple cider pressers. We have a beautiful antique apple press that we’ve hooked up to a bicycle-pedal arrangement for the cranking. Makes it a lot easier, though still definitely exercise.

To volunteer or get more info, drop us an email. We have space for overnighting if you’d like to participate more than one day.

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