Mohr family visit week of April 11-18

Spring time on the farm, everything is waking up from its long nap of winter.  I was expecting things to still be slumbering more than they were.  We arrived on Sunday evening after our drive down from PA, with the daffodils greeting us in every direction and all the other perenials peeking up through the mulch saying here I am, we made it.

This was Penny’s second trip to the farm at 10.5 months she was delighted in everything she saw.  New things greeted her everyday along with new awarenesses of the things around her.  I feel I could write a whole blog just on her reactions to things, but there was one thing that was a clear winner above the rest.  DOGGIES! She was in love with the dogs, as we currently do not own one she was totally enamored with the dingo pack and Lilly.  Surprisingly the dingos wanted nothing to do with her though, but Lily was very patient and would come by and let her pet her back for a few moments.  (we did almost adopt a puppy from one of the stone masons, but on hour 8 of the trip home was thankful that didn’t happen)

In spending a week on the farm I wanted to choose a project that we as a family could help get started and work on while we were there.  The lower garden was waiting for love, there were lettuce, spinach, and carrots starting from seeds planted last winter along with many very successful weed varieties.  Brent, Penny and I along with help from Michele, Betsy, Vanessa and Dory worked over the course of the week to clean all the beds and pathways of weeds, boy was there a lot! Lime & fertilizer was added as we turned the beds so that we could get fluffy nice seed beds for this years harvest. We cleaned and relayed the old landscape matting on the paths and I was very thankful for the addition of 3 new rolls too.  I went a little OCD on the weed management, but if it works… who cares. Then as the reward for getting it done and with the new moon supporting us Dory and I began planting the beds for this years harvest.  We started Kale, Chard, Beets, and Radishes.  Yum! I hope we are able to get back to enjoy their yummy goodness. That way Penny can learn there are better things to eat in the garden than clods of dirt :)

We also attended the second board meeting with lots to get ready for this year we all were trying to figure out the goals, and what was going to be able to get done.  It is so easy to keep dreaming and making plans, but we became realists and settled on a great list of projects for 2010.  Vanessa is going to get those notes posted soon I’m sure :)

It wasn’t all work during the week, we took time for fun and great food.  It is a true joy to be able to go out and harvest your food from the wild.  We enjoyed many spring time delights, branch lettuce, ramps, lambs quarters, baby nettles, water leaf.  Plus lots of other goodies from the green house and food stores from last year. What is better than a home cooked meal of home grown food.  Brent, Penny and I hiked around the property and saw the trillium starting and went to the top of Max Patch for a lunch picnic. Over all it was a great week getting grounded to the earth and its cycles once again.

It is always sad leaving the farm but we will be back again.

Till next time……

-Lalasa and family

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