Karma Yoga Service Project

The immersion yoga group that Dory’s a member of took time last weekend to prepare a meal for a local women’s shelter. Here’s what Cody, another member, had to say:

Our karma yoga group spent the day Saturday at Dory’s farm and made a menu of deliciousness to serve the women at the women’s shelter in Buncombe County today [Sunday].  Because Vivi melted down and I had to leave early–it got hectic and I didn’t get any shots of us actually preparing the food.  Dory and I got the chickens (that she raised and processed) in the oven early and picked the veggies and the rest of the crew came and whipped up some sesame beet salad and the chicken salad from the whole chickens.  I took home some sliced cabbage and carrots and made a vinegar-based slaw and baked the peach crisps that we put together before I left.

All in all, I think there were only about 7 ingredients that we used that were not grown right here — so awesome.  When I delivered to the shelter this morning, it was a little hectic, so I didn’t get pictures of the amazing bread that Dory and her son made on Friday — from fresh ground wheat!!!

Josh, Vivi and I served the women today — chicken salad sandwiches with fresh bread and tomatoes, the cole slaw and beet salads, and the peach crisp served with iced mint tea from my mint plants!  Yummerific.  They were appreciative and one woman said that it was the best meal that she had had since she’d been at the shelter.

Thanks to Dory, her son Raphael, and her daughter Vanessa for the awesome peach crisps, Lynn for doing our shopping and bringing a pitcher, Tara, Rudy and Mado for the chicken salad and the beet salad!  Great job, y’all.  Oh and thanks to Ciel and Vivi for the flowers. Oh and thanks to Rudy for the containers and for going on an adventure to find Dory’s place! Sorry if I left anything out–it was a team effort for sure. :)

Here are the pictures Cody took:

Enjoy! Peach Crisp Chicken Salad Spicy Cole Slaw Beet Salad Top of the Roost Babe Bob Home & Garden

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