Is Scribefire the answer?

I’ve been frustrated by the WordPress blog-posting interface. It allows for bulk uploads of images. It also allows for publishing of image galleries so that multiple images can be published as a stand-alone post. But it does not allow me to bulk-insert a bunch of photos into a post all at the same time, and inserting them one-by-one from the Media Library after upload is VERY time consuming.

So, I googled around for a solution. There seem to be various WordPress plug-ins that would serve my needs, but I’m a bit wary since most of the plug-in instructions look a bit complicated. I want something to make it EASIER and complicated doesn’t seem easier to me.

Then I came across the suggestion that one use an external blog editor and altogether skip the WordPress admin interface for posting. This allows drag-and-drop editing and more full-featured word-processor-like options. It also allows you to easily save a local copy of each post on your hard drive as backup, which sounds like a good idea in general. Then, the question was which offline editor to try/get? I found an article that listed many options for both Mac & PC. Sadly, most were not free, and the few free ones were mostly PC-only. But, aha! There was a freebie in the list that would work on Mac (or PC, and maybe even Linux too) that’s a Firefox plugin called Scribefire, which is what I’m using to write this post as a test-run.

I saw in Dory’s iPhoto that she took a bunch of pictures around the farm on July 4th that she hasn’t posted yet. So, here I go … dragging … dropping ….

Well, ok, that worked, sorta. Though I deleted them all because they needed to be resized and it was just too cumbersome to do that by shift-dragging them, and I don’t see another option from within Scribefire for image resize. So, I made an action in Photoshop to batch resize them all and resave; so I should be able to drag-n-drop now….

Pond Cabin - Downstairs

Pond Cabin - Upstairs

Pond Cabin - Upstairs

Pond Cabin - Upstairs View

Pond Cabin - Downstairs

Pond through lilies

Main house from spiral garden

Spiral Garden Flowers

O.K. that worked well. Now the question is, how to add photo captions. The WordPress interface has this built in and the captions come up with a different text color and centered. I’m wondering how to assign a tag to caption text here in Scribefire so that WordPress will recognize it as caption text and stylize it accordingly. I suppose if there isn’t a way to make that work, the time savings of dropping in multiple pictures all at once will offset the loss of captions. I’ll let you know if I figure out a way. For now, I’m just happy that I’ve got a solution to my original bulk-photo-post issue.

P.S. I published this post as a draft and then used the WordPress admin interface to add the captions. Not the best work-around seeing as using the external editor is supposed to save time and the extra step uses up some of the time-savings. But, still faster than inserting images one-at-a-time through WordPress interface.

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