Fruit around the corner

Blueberry picking not far off!

There is so much fruit ripening everywhere. Pears and TONS of blueberries were what I noticed walking around today. There are probably cherries about ripe too, though i wasn’t over on that end of the farm to take a peek today.

Pears, half way there

I planted nasturtiums, sunflowers, calendula, and mixed wildflowers. I hope the chickens don’t eat all the seeds!! This is a downside to letting the chickens have total freedom.

John and I put the plastic on the PVC hoop hut frame that Dory and Raphe put up last Thursday. Dory said it was quite easy putting up the frame and attaching the plastic went fairly smoothly, though we had to duct tape the clips on because the plastic kept trying to pop them off. We’ll see if the pvc hoops hold up better to our high winds than the metal hoops did. Maybe the added flexibility of the plastic will allow it to weather better.

PVC hoop hut for tomatoes

Speaking of weather, when I dress for rain (i.e. slightly heavier 3/4 sleeve top), I need to remember to bring a T-shirt for when the rain goes away!! The sun came out for a couple hours and boy was I hot planting the flower seeds. The flowers already blooming everywhere are really beautiful. And the bees were just in a nectar frenzy everywhere.

John on the tractor

Back to school tomorrow for me, and Dory’s taking a class at Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, TN all week. I think Raphe will be here for a couple of days mid-week to work on getting the pond cabin fixtures and stairs installed in time for Solstice retreat. Yay Raphe!


I love the gradation of color

Bzzzzzybody ... happy bee

Doodads on east wall outside main house

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