From the Outside looking In

Today is officially my 40th day of living at Sunswept, after having left my suburban life in Alpharetta, Georgia and following my heart to my new home. I now wake up with a different understanding of what it is to start my day. It is one that is woven amongst the dirt, the animals, the air, the trees, the community. A softer life. A brighter morning, even when the sky is full of grey.
Swirling with activities, the farm is a carnival. Blooms are face painting the hills, birds entertain us with songs; frogs and toads provide the bass and the woodpeckers peck out a percussive beat. The trout bring the acrobatic flips and dives, chickens give a good chase and jump fences and our dogs are their own kissing booth. Let us not forget the delicious meals created on nearly a daily basis here. A fried pie is one carnival item I’d like to try…perhaps I can get an original Mrs. Brown’s Fried Pie from the creators themselves, John and Dory, some day…wink wink ;)
The lower garden beds are fully planted. Lettuce, spinach and kale, oh my!  The upper gardens have been twirled, potato and asparagus plots are weeded and the hoop hut has been u-barred.  Woohoo!  Many hands and much community have made this all possible.  Transplants of so many sorts and more seeds are starting in the greenhouse.  We are so lucky that everything is growing well and living big!   More bee hive boxes have been painted are await their new tenants.  We do experience a HUGE PEST, though….the CHICKEN!!!  We have about seven MacGyver chickens who mysteriously escape the fencing system around the farm and sneak their way on to Non-Chicken territory. Chicken herding is among one of the many daily chores. Aieee.  I just chuckle at the extreme intelligence of our MacGyvers.  I mean, really, how do they escape?!?!   A kind word, I have found, tends to get them back to their home faster than the old stone throw, although, that can be quite swift, too.

I am like a baby fresh out of the womb.  I like it.  So much to feel and see and figure out.   My missteps lead to clearer direction and these to new ideas.  Oh, so much to tell about, but the evening is winding down and would like to make some plant labels before I mosey on to bed. I will lay my head to rest being in full appreciation of this world around me. I will give as much as I am able when I rise in the morning.

‎”When we give, we simply make room for more to come in.
When we become deeply, authentically generous, it signals
to our abundant universe that there is a conduit open to
receive and distribute. We become part of the vital
natural system.” ~ Lenedra J. Caroll I borrow this quote because it so eloquently sums up how i feel about my experience here.

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  1. Alan Duckett
    Posted May 15, 2011 at 5:55 pm | Permalink

    It was very nice meeting you on Saturday @ “Rock Bottom” (I was the guy named “Al” with my friend from college.) Your website is very nicely done with some very interesting articles and comments. I would like to visit Sunswept Farm someday and check out all the great products that you offer. I particularly enjoyed your comments regarding the “chicken herding.” It has been my experience that chicken herding is very much like herding a bunch on cats. They all seem to have a mind of their own (although chickens are much further down the evolutionary list from cats when it comes to brains.) Ha!

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