Family Farm Tour…

We hope you’ve got the ASAP Family Farm Tour penciled in on your calendars, your tour-passes purchased, and a tour path mapped out so that you can take in several of the fabulous farms on this year’s tour!!

This is Sunswept’s first year on the tour and we’re really looking forward to participating!! We’ve got a couple of time-specific events lined up:

  • Bio Char Demo – 3pm Saturday, June 26 – We will be explaining the benefits of Bio Char and showing how to set up a burn to create this superb soil-boosting additive that actually fixes carbon out of the atmosphere, so it’s green too!
  • Micro Hydro Info Session – 3pm Sunday, June 27 – Information about our own micro hydro set-up, which is linked into the commercial electric grid such that the local power company pays US when we have excess generation. This talk will also detail our other eco-friendly energy systems (solar panels, radient floors, wood doctor, etc.).

Visitors any time during tour hours (1-6pm, Sat/Sun, June 26-27) will be able to tour our integrated organic gardens and livestock. Livestock include chickens (egg layers and meat birds), cows (milk and meat), pigs, horses, and trout (I’m not sure the latter technically counts as “livestock”, but you get the idea).

We’re planning to have some mixed, fresh-picked produce baskets for sale. We hope to include fresh-baked bread, homemade herb dressing, and maybe some other goodies in the baskets as well.

Blueberries seem to be on schedule to be ready for the tour and will be available as a U-pick purchase. Our blueberry bushes produce the lushest, giant, flavorful berries!!

We will have our good friend Lady Spirit Moon‘s wonderful, homemade bee-propolis lotion and dORY’s fine handmade jewelry on sale during the tour as well.

Check out the full list of farms on the ASAP tour and be sure to put Sunswept on your tour route!!


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