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From the Outside looking In

Today is officially my 40th day of living at Sunswept, after having left my suburban life in Alpharetta, Georgia and following my heart to my new home. I now wake up with a different understanding of what it is to start my day. It is one that is woven amongst the dirt, the animals, the […]
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As a seed must release its form in order to grow, we, too must release who we have been…… in order to birth new reality.  Nature reveals her beauty throughout the changing seasons.  Thirst for life to begin again is palatable at the Ides of March.   Seeds open to sprout and root, then no […]
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“It’s common to say that trees come from seeds. But how can a tiny seed create a huge tree? Seeds do not contain the resources needed to grow a tree.  These must come from the medium or environment within which the tree grows. But the seed does provide something that is crucial : a place […]
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mother awakens

the beginning of spring green swells with every rain storm.  today rains with lightning and the thunder beings showed up most of the afternoon.  i will have to check with my good buddy,  alvin calvin, (one of my old timey neighbors who has been at our side since we arrived here in the mountains 33 […]
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as the sun light rides the southern back ridge of the farm, the light shines into my eyes and through my family cranberry glass set in the south window for just these days, brightening my heart and reminding me of my ancestors and their love of me as one of the strong foundations that i […]
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scorpio time

the seasons change, now the deep shadows keep the north spots cool all day, and wet.  fallen leaves gather there to rot and become rich to the whole of the forest in the process.  the tree trunks stand out now more with the rusts and luminous yellows staging their star role in the scenery now. […]
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Another visit home

Here I am again at the farm, So grateful there is a place to come that captures the moment of season shifts, starlight, and good company. I got in late sunday nite did some unwind in the hot tub and crashed in the Granny flat (each room has its name here), a great nights sleep […]
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comings and goings

Michele is a force for sure.  When we are here and Michele is here, all boats rise together. Younger family went west for a 10 day boating date with western family, so, Michele headed south for the cool(er) hills of Sunswept Farm. We sometimes call ourselves the 3 robots, for you old scifi channel buffs, […]
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solar showers ahoy

we are getting some of the final touches on our farm and facilities.  a solar shower is being made ready for the farm site, especially timed for the yoga retreat mado and meghan are bringing here this weekend.  we are weed eating in all manner to make the place shine and glow.  no one can […]
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Is Scribefire the answer?

I’ve been frustrated by the WordPress blog-posting interface. It allows for bulk uploads of images. It also allows for publishing of image galleries so that multiple images can be published as a stand-alone post. But it does not allow me to bulk-insert a bunch of photos into a post all at the same time, and […]
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