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Blog Fix

I spent some time on our webhost’s live chat tech support trying to find out why the links on the blog have stopped working. Also, you may have noticed that the blog wouldn’t come up at all the last couple of days, though obviously, it’s back now, even though we hadn’t changed anything prior nor […]
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spring visit

hi as we all know i take my farm love very seriously, enough that my last visit was in January, yes i could have gone somewhere warm but its warm in my heart whenever i step to the farm beat of sunswept and my family of humans, animals, plants and our devic watchers. In January […]
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Mohr family visit week of April 11-18

Spring time on the farm, everything is waking up from its long nap of winter.  I was expecting things to still be slumbering more than they were.  We arrived on Sunday evening after our drive down from PA, with the daffodils greeting us in every direction and all the other perenials peeking up through the […]
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Afternoon Twirling

Spent the afternoon & evening on the farm Tuesday. Things are really a-happening! Stonework is going in all around the structure that will comprise the cider-cellar with an event pavilion above, a variety of landscaping all over, visits from community partners for planning of upcoming projects, and much more that will get detailed in upcoming […]
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Wisdom Keepers

While the rains graced the farm through the weekend of the wisdom keepers gathering, the seasons changed from summer to autumn in a turn of the head.  The leaves are dropping their green now, and showing the colors and minerals that lie just beneath the summer’s dress.  What a topped up month September has been […]
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Community Momentum

As the waxing moon crosses bright night star jupiter, in the tropical sign of Aquarius, the community momentum is flowing in and out of sunswept farm. the people energy is coming together as is the nature neighbor hood as well, after a small bit of yoga by my bed in the morning before truely greeting […]
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Weekend update

Lots of activity on the farm … Dory’s finally getting free space to spend some time in her jewelry shop and has been working on a new pendant with the Sanskrit symbol for HU. HU is the root word for “God” and is part of the word “human” — the “man” portion of which means […]
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