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Once in a lifetime…

Plans for the fundraiser are really coming together. Chef Mark has a nice outline for the food-prep and cooking schedule. We have several folks already eager to help out over the three days. Food-prep will start two days prior to the actual Sept. 18 fundraiser … well sort of, since technically you could say food […]
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comings and goings

Michele is a force for sure.  When we are here and Michele is here, all boats rise together. Younger family went west for a 10 day boating date with western family, so, Michele headed south for the cool(er) hills of Sunswept Farm. We sometimes call ourselves the 3 robots, for you old scifi channel buffs, […]
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At the turn of the gardens from spring/early summer crop offerings to fall garden, we have added our homegrown!!! biochar to the lower garden raised beds.  yay!! Some was saved to do a “real” experiment, and chart up what we find.  Real tracking will happen in the greenhouse at the house.  there biochar will be […]
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retreat afterglow

as the after glow of the Radiant Fullness Retreat drifts through sunswept farm,, this beautiful moon rose over the ridge and poured the soft light of reflection down on us here, making an amazing picture of soft light on the tent that held the energy of the 28 who showed up here for asana, meditation, […]
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decorative concrete

one of the nice things about getting all fixed up for some event here, is that in between events the place is still fixed up.  there was a time when raphe was loving the rocks here, and played with this flat rock till he and i got it balanced, and dang near level.  rocks are […]
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Sights, sounds, aroma …

the evening breezes carry the symphony of frog harmony across the stone into the house along with the multiflora roses’ sultry head-filling aroma.  the fireflies have started their evening dance of light back a forth amongst the trees, and meadow, each with their own unique blink pattern.  makes it a pleasure to be outside late […]
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New Calf

Before leaving to get hay just before one o’clock, Dory noticed our very pregnant cow, Daisy-Lou, was acting restless and was maybe ready to drop her calf. She and John proceeded onto their hay run and I went to pick asparagus in the upper garden. There’s another asparagus patch near the cow field, and on […]
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The gift of biochar…

what do you ask for for mother’s day..?  me,  i wanted to make..,, biochar !!  and then along came some helpers.  we spent a beautiful day in the mountains sunday collecting all the kinds of wood usually not used in a wood stove, or camp fire, adding all our finds up to put into our […]
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The plants are growing like crazy out on the farm … beautiful Swiss Chard, delish Rhubarb, tender sweet lettuce, and on and on. Green and beautiful and lush everywhere. Prepared some space for sunflowers on Thursday and planted various flowers above the new wall, next to the spiral, on Friday along with a bit o’ […]
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Research and stuff…

Wow, there are some pretty neat places to camp or hold a retreat in the Madison County area. Spent a couple hours online researching what going rates and amenities are. Good news is there isn’t a place in our neck of the woods offering what we do/will offer; though not having a comparison-point in the […]
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