Another visit home

Here I am again at the farm, So grateful there is a place to come that captures the moment of season shifts, starlight, and good company.

I got in late sunday nite did some unwind in the hot tub and crashed in the Granny flat (each room has its name here), a great nights sleep and then into the mix.  Day one monday I am in doing mode, WOW I check the logs behind the pond cabin and yippee there are a whole  big bowl of Shitakes some to eat and freeze.  Dory and I pick tomatoes Yum, get some of those into the freezer for winter mealtime.  John and Dory are off to get hay over Caldwell mountain with the trailer, while I gather myself to embrace the everything of here so good.  When they return we unload ALot of hay.. then as dusk approaches the 3 of us go back to reload trailer and truck.  Yum dinner and we do the 3 robots on the couch and crash.  Day 2 Tuesday I begin by sorting out the back freezers for this years harvest getting the defrost on and then out in the garden to pick veggies.  Carrots and Taters, beans, beets, and chard, oh my, then more of day watering visiting Grace the horse while dory puts here through her paces. In the afternoon dory and I return with the truck to get last bales of hay on the field.  I am puttering about as I do and getting the dinner ready as Camille and Diana will join us.  Beef stew with carrots, celery, parsley and onion, and a dash of home canned tomato sauce, potatoes (fresh dug purple and red) with parsley and rosemary fried in olive oil, harvard beets (with local honey to sweeten), chard and mushrooms, and tomatoes with basil and oregano drizzled with balsamic and oil.  Then the hens ( Camille, Diana, Dory and I) decide to shoot up to Max Patch to watch Venus rise through the setting sun and Smoky mountain back drop.  The hay was high so it was especially quiet and mystical walking the mowed path and sitting to be with the starlight being shined on us.  Another stellar night of milky way shooting stars and fullness.. here I am in day 3 completing my freezer task now the big one is defrosting and I have chopped down the ragweed along the flower beds, I heard a clamoring and looked around to find the pigs and cows had come to watch me wrestle the weeds I guess mish-el Tv is good stuf for animal entertainment.  I am  happily and joyfully entering into evening.  Bless this farm and all it offers I am one lucky girl.

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