adventure with udder

Since the wonderful slowfood event, I am here at the sunweptfarm to volunteer when Dory and John are in Egypt, to take care about the farm. Of course with helpers!

Yesterday, the first time I milked the cow Daisy, wow–what an adventure! It works nice and Daisy was friendly with me, I only have to hold her tale–very important, so as to avoid a strong dirty touch on my face. But now, Dory told me we are milk-sisters.

After this satisfying work, I cleaned the gutter on Dory’s jewelry shop; of course I needed a ladder for that work.

Later on, I met John at the kitchen and he asked me, what sounded to my ears like “ladder,” how it worked with the udder.

I answered: good, I used the ladder and the dirty things came out.

Wow–his face was surprised! I think afterwards he was thinking: Wow, why did this German woman need a ladder for the udder? She is really not so small.

So, after clarifying that the ladder was for the gutter, not the udder, the adventure of the farm can go on.

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