Community Momentum

As the waxing moon crosses bright night star jupiter, in the tropical sign of Aquarius, the community momentum is flowing in and out of sunswept farm. the people energy is coming together as is the nature neighbor hood as well, after a small bit of yoga by my bed in the morning before truely greeting the day, i went for my coffee cup on the window sill and found below on the deck rail just next to the lower garden, a young perigrene falcon, having just made an unsuccessful attempt to grab on of the many birds that frequent our garden. the quiet morning gave him/her no fear of humans. when john came to look at what i saw, the four eyes of ours gave the bird enough eye energy that he/she turned and looked right at us both and casually flew to the locust just about as far from the garden as out porch, only on the other side. if we had not seen the landing spot, we never would have noticed the bird looking for prey, not our chickens, but the birds that form the community around our chickens, the ones that live on the fringe of the bounty of kept animals. we are here in our own kind of neighborhood that draws the wild close enough for us to know. over the years we have actually seen many animals that are said to be gone from here, or near gone, and those who by stealth stay in the shadows unknown to us usually. but when you count your chickens at night, or corn plants you know if something changes.

even though i thought of this time as low on the people coming this a way, it has not been so in reality. usual days have lots of people activity going on. neighbor mike is sawing up the logs we took down last year to make pasture for the 2 mares who came to be part of the farm so far we have sawed up almost enough for another place here. earlier in the season raphael and john and neighbar carroll askew and joe kirkpatrict managed to pull out 2 large large cherry trees which were also sawn up. raphael, who took on getting those logs out of where we call Ananda, was pushed down the mountain by the weight of that trunk, you learn about gavity lots pulling things across dirt. we have the need to figure again how to get the wood out now that it is sawn over on the pasture we made. little by little is the answer until it is all up here. that is one of this month’s ta do list. so mike and son ezra come to saw wood and ezra comes to learn about metal, wanting to be a silver smith. we are doing a little of that ezra and i. ezra has learned how to make egyptian chainmaille and will do that and learn more while making something helpful in my jewelry business now needing lots of attention with the “season” upon us just about. then there is raphael and betsy who come and go and seem to be more interested in really participating here and in what the farm is becoming. we are now a 501c-3 corporation, as well as a formal land trust. now we seek our hard cider license as an orchard and producer of spirited beverages. we like that… this area has successfully been that, this will build in the opportunity for personal farm and family and community, culture and longevity, all important things, for this writer here at least.

at the end of the month the wisdom keepers gathering will be here for 3 days. elders from around the world will be here. people will come and gather with them to honor the earth and to recognize this important transitional moment in our HUman history. the polarity is shifting to knowing we are all connected. all boats rise or none do as it seems to be. sing in the light and opportunity to be open hearted again and again. friends and family will are starting to come for this. and still horses to be with and to train and raspberries so many raspberries.

we as a group, raphael, john, betsy and myself will be part of a show called art in the park – asheville, 3 first saturdays in october at pack square/. this will be out first collaborative show.. wish us luck.. raphael will have his blacksmith stuff, john his doors and drawings, betsy her metal smithing i think, and me with my stuff. fun to do together.. looking forward.

that’s enough for now. blog out



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