retreat afterglow

as the after glow of the Radiant Fullness Retreat drifts through sunswept farm,, this beautiful moon rose over the ridge and poured the soft light of reflection down on us here, making an amazing picture of soft light on the tent that held the energy of the 28 who showed up here for asana, meditation, message, kirtan, singing dancing, homegrown food, and deepening connections with one another.

In the depth of summer, the cool mountain breezes lifted the summer’s sun into the air and swept a little cool whisper through here.  the shadows of the deep forest and the contrast of the hot summer sun makes an almost constant chimney effect here in the dog days.  the houses and out buildings here and even this tent are built to take a chimney like form and move the air.

there was too much good stuff going on this weekend past to put my eye up to a camera while everyone was here. i felt like i met and made family with many, – growing a tribe, kula, carrass ( a group of people drawn together with as of yet unrealized mutual aim),or by another name, family.  in this abundant universe, when a circle of like minded people come together and fully share, the universe is blessed.  we who were here this weekend know the blessings of union with each other.. so we grow as individuals and together..  wonderful all around.  when i have pics of the yoga retreat itself, i will post more. next time tent is set up, the tent will be rotated a bit to fit the space better.  so good we could try the tent now, have it used well and know what to do from here on.  worked out all the way around.  mado and meghan held a strong yet caring presence here with their offerings of asana through the weekend.  john said mado’s work with his back made him feel better than ever.  so the community grows i hope naturally, holding us all in a mindful circle of light and connection, at least that is our feelings looking behind at this last weekend.  smiles all around.  and to me, some of the most interesting things would include, the thunder beings showing up fro closing ceremonies, and 28 people equaling the 28 moon phases currently being painted on the cement floor we were all practicing on.  now plan that one why don’t ya? maybe the people part,  but the thunder beings don’t herd up so well, they kind of show up on their own.. as they did while we om-ed as a group this weekend for the last time.  blessing us all..  yummmmm

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