decorative concrete

late day sun stills the day

one of the nice things about getting all fixed up for some event here, is that in between events the place is still fixed up.  there was a time when raphe was loving the rocks here, and played with this flat rock till he and i got it balanced, and dang near level.  rocks are easy to find here, so rocks ring the campfire spot in front of the pond house, a pottery studio, part of the shop area of sunswept farm.  this small space is a world apart from the rest of the farm offering the opportunity to contemplate,  center a pot, center your self. the late day summer sun baths this place,  sun swept for sure.

john the mandala maker standing at the center of the mandala to be

the ellipse is drawn and now getting taped and prepared to be painted.

while the activity slows here, art projects continue… john has made a tool that allows him to draw a precision ellipse onto the slab, which he has taped so he can paint his design onto the cement.  where this slab is, it almost radiates out across the valley and through the ridges as the north spirit energies flood this cove.  this mandala greets this wave,  we hope, at least.  the mandala john is putting here is of the 28 moons of the month cycle with the cross quarters marked, around this ellipse john will draw, and the solar sun.  the painting will be done this month, and sealed and will be here forever we hope. the color looks really cool, not so controlled like a pro, but, hey it looks really great like the water of a cosmic lagoon, floating in the mountians. sooo! nice in the dawn light.

then the background around the central design was filled in.

with the ellipse drawn and taped the blue painted and the design punches right out

he can only work on it in the early morning and late in the evening because the slab gets so hot in the summer sun that a person roasts like a potato and the paint won’t stick, so night and dawn.

the primitive tool john is using to draw a precision ellipse works just great! by using the channels in the cross hairs of the track john has built in plywood, a stylus set at the right proportion and ratio to the cross hair and tracks allows him to draw accurately! a 12 foot ellipse.  once the lines are masked with tape, john then painted around the design, making the “background” color first, which is most of the surface.  we will finish this color and seal before moving on the the rest of the design which will add the yellows, reds and more, all radiating out into the cove and the rest of the world…(s)

through the shadows the universe is revealed

once john has the tape done,  paint defines the design immediately.. when the rest of the paint is added … oh boy!

so now all the blue we have left goes into the pool of blued area on the slab, then we seal what is done and leave for a wedding. oh boy, oh boy… art in the mountains, the land of the sky.

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  1. Lynn Spurling
    Posted July 7, 2010 at 8:34 pm | Permalink

    Art in the mountains indeed. This picture “through the shadows the universe is revealed” resembles a Starwood hotel picture of maybe a property in the Maldives, for example, or maybe in the Carribeans? What a gorgeous expression of art in the mountains by the Browns!

    I love your explaination on cooking methods in relation with John’s arduous work of love on the mandala. It looks so beautiful! I know it is beautiful.

    Cant wait to get up there again :) Lotsa Love to you and your family. Enjoy your trip and see you soon!

  2. Posted February 9, 2013 at 4:33 pm | Permalink

    We are interested in having a wedding in early April 2014 , I was told u hold events like that and Caromia Tiller will be in it singing and told me about you. Let me know rates and if you will be open then. 478 5955375

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