Sights, sounds, aroma …

daisy and baby

the evening breezes carry the symphony of frog harmony across the stone into the house along with the multiflora roses’ sultry head-filling aroma.  the fireflies have started their evening dance of light back a forth amongst the trees, and meadow, each with their own unique blink pattern.  makes it a pleasure to be outside late to milk daisy-lou, now two weeks away from the birth of her boy baby.  i am the surrogate mother, milking daisy and feeding much of the milk still to the baby although they are separate.  daisy can be with her baby, lick him, moo to each other.  today i kept daisy in her milk stall and let Synco, the baby, out into the field to run and play.  he ran with kicks and jumps around the field fully loving his young body and the ability to move across the uneven landscape.  tonight all the chickens, big and little, made their way all on their own to the big hen’s house.  transition complete. now the baby hens and laying hens are one flock.. the roosters are happy and fight much less with more hens to govern.

floor almost done!

john paints the cement slab in the house with color and design of a medicine wheel, vibrant colors permanent on the radiant slab that heats the house in winter.  this floor is the test to see about the best way to do the bigger slab, the mandala outside of the solar system and 28 moon phases.  john will start on that one early next week..  lots of fun to see john have fun with his paints.  looks like the center of the medicine wheel which is a 7 pointed star will receive the blade of light through the north window right to it center of the whole design on solstice day itself, just as the sun moves most  north for a moment and pauses, right at the star on john’s floor wheel, forever marking the longest day sunlight marker.almost like as if we knew what we was doin’ ha..


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